Whatever your next media project is, we guarantee you're going to need high quality audio.

    Some of our audio services include: Studio Recording, Live Recording, Live Reinforcement, Post Production for Audio and Film, Custom Instrumentals, Scoring for film/video and much more! T.Y.M.G. is equipped with the skill to make your project stand out amongst a crowded, competitive market.


    In today’s market, media is essential to building a succesfull business. This is especially true with video production.
    In 2015, those without frequent media updates on an array of social networking sites are overlooked. This can be a problem, especially with the outrageous prices that your average videographer will charge per project. What make T.Y.M.G. so unique is our ability to work within YOUR budget.

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    Terrence NixonTerrence Nixon
    Not to mention, NOBODY can touch the sound coming out of here! Just listen to the tracks! You won't catch me in another studio.
    Terrence NixonTerrence Nixon
    There's a reason why I call this studio my home. Tim's professionalism not only in terms of technology, but hospitality gives you a sense of well being.
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    We are a truly unique production team serving the greater Denver area!

    We strive to provide every one of our clients with a product they can be happy with and something we're proud to put our name behind. We work within your budget and aim to satisfy.


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